Aquatic Weed Management

Aquatic Weed Management is a specialist field of weed control. Many of Sydney's water bodies and waterways have aquatic weed problems. These include the George's River, Cook'sAquatic Weed Management River, Hawkesbury-Nepean River, wetlands such as the Botany Wetlands, ponds, lakes, and lagoons.

Our expanding company has specialist experience in the control, suppression and management of the three most serious noxious aquatic weeds in Sydney, i.e. Alligator Weed, Water Hyacinth and Salvinia.

We also have experience in managing other problematic aquatic weeds including Mexican Water Lily, Cabomba, Water Millfoil, Hydrilla, and Egeria.

Chemical Control - We use registered aquatic herbicides - "Biactive" glyphosate, Diquat, and Diclobenil in most aquatic applications.

Mechanical ControlAquatic Weed Management - We use the "Wilder Water Warrior", a machine capable of cutting and removing water weeds that choke waterways, lakes and wetlands. The machine can free up the waterflow in rivers by cutting and removing weeds and placing them onto to the banks for removal to suitable landfill areas.

Aquatic Weed ManagementThe machine is particularly useful in lakes and wetlands where Water Hyacinth and Salvinia can quickly cover the water surface and where the use of chemicals is restricted due to the presence of native sedges, rushes and reeds.

We also have an "Argo" for swamp conditionswhere 4WD or a boat cannot be taken. The Argo can perform spot spraying in Aquatic Weed Managementwetlands and marshes to control water weeds, and for mosquito control, as well as site evaluation.

A "Hovercraft"is also available for spraying weeds in areas of dense water weed growith, i.e. Mexican Water Lily, and Cabomba.

Bettersafe's Wilder Water Warrior

Ideal for weed removal from lakes, rivers and wetland areas sensitive to chemicals.

  • Cuts away weeds in water
  • Proven around the world for over 30 years
  • Precise selection of weeds to be cut
  • Cutting to a depth of 2 metres
  • Angle cuts for river banks following water courses
  • Hydraulically controlled
  • Easy to transport on its own trailer
  • No floating charges associated with any located in Sydney
  • only 2 metres wide - 5.2 metres long
  • Operates in only 400mm deep water
  • 3 metre widew cutter bar
  • 2 metre wide rake adjustable to 4 metres
  • weighs 2 tonnes.

The weed can then be lifted from the water to the bank or barge using the modified weed rakes lifting up to 250kg.

  • Goes from full speed approach, stops, drops load and reverses away in under 30 seconds.
  • Adjustable to 1.8m above water level and 1.2m beyond bow.

Ideal for cutting and removing Alligator Weed, Water Hyacinth and Water Thyme and other associated water weeds in wetlands, lakes , rivers and waterways.

Bettersafe Argo

With areas inaccessible to the Water Warrior, the chemical control of noxious weeds can be achieved by the ARGO.

The Argo can apply herbicides for control of weeds in wetlands rivers and lakes fitted with a boom for spraying, spot spraying, ULV (ultra low volume) and granular herbicide.

It can also travel across land and water where no conventional equipment can go putting, you at the base of the weed problem.

The vehicle can also be used for mosquito control in wetlands that become closed off from regular water flow if these become a problem.


Noxious Weed Management