SE Queensland Water Corporation

Noxious Weed Management in the Lake Samsonvale Catchment- for South-East Queensland Water Corp., 1999-2001

As a sub-contractor to Australian Water Technologies (AWT) Environment, Science & Technology (ES&T) "Bettersafe" is involved in the control and management of all noxious terrestrial weeds (mainly Groundsel Bush- Baccharis halimifolia and Lantana) in a large Watershed Catchment (Lake Samsonvale catchment) for the South East Queensland Water Corporation.

In addition, other declared plants such as Giant Rat's Tail Grass (Sporobolus sp.) and Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisfolia) are also being controlled in this major Noxious Weed Control Program, over several years.

The areas are being rehabilitated using integrated weed management techniques (herbicides and mechanical weed control).


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