Sydney Airports Corporation

Noxious Aquatic Weed Management at Mill Pond South and Engine Ponds for Sydney Airports Corporation 2001

"Bettersafe" is also assisting Sydney Water Corporation to control and manage large infestations of noxious, floating aquatic weeds- SalviniaWater Warrior (Salvinia molesta) and Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in the downstream sections of the Botany Wetlands, which are owned by the Sydney Airports Corporation (SACL). Other weeds being controlled are Ludwigia peruviana, Green Cestrum, Pampas Grass and environmental weeds around all three ponds. The weeds are controlled using integrated weed management techniques (herbicides, cultural weed control and mechanical weed control involving the use of Aquatic Plant Harvester). "Bettersafe" is now involved in assisting revegetation of the weed-cleared ponds with native macrophytes to improve aesthetic and ecological features, as well as to discourage excessive bird use.


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