Sydney Water Corporation

Botany Wetlands Weed Management & Revegetation-for Sydney Water Corporation, 1996-2005

"Bettersafe" Pest & Weed Management has been involved as the main Contractor of this large-scale weed management Water Warrior In Actionprogram for Sydney Water Corporation.

The project involves control and management of all noxious weed infestations affecting the Wetlands, which is a major stormwater basin, as well as a significant recreational and sporting area in southeastern Sydney.

This Wetland rehabilitation program targets the control, suppression and eventual eradication of several major terrestrial and aquatic noxious weeds (i.e. Ludwigia peruviana, Alligator Weed, Water Hyacinth, Salvinia molesta, Pampas Grass, Castor Oil Plant, Green Cestrum, Lantana, Blackberry, and Crofton Weed.). Large-scale revegetation of the weed-cleared areas with native plants is also undertaken, in order to rehabilitate and restore the Wetlands.

In 2003, the "Restoration of the Botany Wetlands - An Historic Asset in Sydney" won the Second Prize (Silver Award) at the NSW Premiere's Public Sector Awards in the Environment Category.

Weed Management and Revegetation Works carried out in Botany Wetlands are documented annually (Annual Report 2002-03; Annual Report 2003-04)

Implementation of Weed Management Plan in the Rouse Hill Stormwater Drainage Creeks, for Sydney Water Corporation, 1999-2001

"Bettersafe" Pest & Weed Management is also involved in the control and managementWeed Harvester Mill Pond Botany of all noxious terrestrial and aquatic weeds in Rouse Hill, a newly developed, large urban area in Sydney's Western suburbs. We are assisting Sydney Water Corporation in the management of aquatic and noxious weeds in the stormwater channels and natural drainage creeks (Smalls Creek, Second Ponds Creek and Caddies Creek), which are being rehabilitated using integrated weed management techniques (biological control, herbicides, cultural weed control and mechanical weed control).

Noxious Aquatic Weed Management at the Constructed Wetland, Rouse Hill Recycle Water Plant, for Sydney Water Corporation 2000-2001

"Bettersafe" is also assisting Sydney Water Corporation HoverCraft with the Lakes Golf Course in the backgroundto control and manage large infestations of noxious, floating aquatic weeds- Salvinia (Salvinia molesta) and Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) in the major Constructed Wetland at the Rouse Hill Recycle Water Plant in Sydney's west. The weeds are controlled using integrated weed management techniques (biological control, herbicides, cultural weed control and mechanical weed control).


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