Projects & Clients

"Bettersafe" has been a successful sub-contractor of the Australian Water Technologies (AWT) Environment, Science and Technology (ES&T), which was a subsidiary Consulting Company of Sydney Water Corporation, during 1996-2000.

Now "Bettersafe" continues as a preferred supplier of weed management services to the Sydney Water Corporation, providing services in chemical weed control, manual and mechanical weed removal, revegetation, tree removal and other related services.

Bettersafe is current a partner for Ecowise Environmental ( in R&D and for provision of various weed and vegetation management services. These include weed/vegetation mapping and integrated management of invasive species (using mechanical, chemical and biological control methods).

In addition, "Bettersafe" provides a wide range of weed management services to the Parramatta City Council, City Council, Camden Council and others. The range of services provided to property maintenance and environmental services of local councils include general weed control on roadsides, parks and drainage reserves, pest control for buildings, disease and insect control in lawns and gardens and noxious weed control and aquatic weed removal. We have also contracted services to the University of Western Sydney (Macarthur), Landcom, Macquarie University, Liverpool City Council, Fairfield City Council, State Rail Authority and serveral High Schools in Campbelltown.

A selection of our projects and clients: