Termite Control

Bettersafe provides services for the control of Termites with detailed Inspections, Eradication and Pre-Construction treatments.

(a) Inspections

Properties prior to purchase either commercial, domestic and industrial and maintenance inspections on high risk properties.

Investigate and reporting of termite attack all these are essential prior to treatment for control, detailing termite damage, source and physical preventatives that can be carried out, application requirements and for Pest and Termite Control baiting purposes.

(b) termite eradication

Termite eradication requires experienced licensed operators with the proper understanding of termites and their behaviourto successfully carry out detailed treatments and within the requirements of the Australian Standards 3660-2.2000.

(c) Termite Pre-Construction

The application of Registered Termiticides prior to laying of the moisture membrane in concrete slab on ground gomes in conjunction with building contractors conmplying with the Australian Standards AS3660-2-2000 as required by Local Government authorities.


If termites Termite Control would just stay in the wild, helping fallen trees decompose, they would be a great help -- not the great destroyer that they have become. Unfortunately, humans build their homes of wood, and termites can't distinguish between a fallen log and your home.

Termites are a pest you definitely want to discourage. However, many homes seem to welcome termites. Take some steps to make your home less likely to be attacked. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get rid of wood around your home that's not serving a purpose. Remove old form boards, old tree stumps, and wood debris. If you must store firewood near your home, stack it off the ground and don't allow it to lean against the building.
  • Correct moisture problems. Make sure gutters and downspouts are unclogged. Water should be channeled from downspouts away from your foundation. Repair leaking pipes and don't aim sprinklers against your house. Slope soil away from your home. Trim shrubbery blocking any vents.
  • Never allow wood to contact soil.
  • Have Bettersafe Pest Control inspect your home occasionally for wood destroying organisms, and situations which make your home more likely to be attacked.


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