Weed Management

Integrated weed management provides state-of-the-art weed control by applying the most appropriate combination of techniques to achieve cost-effective and environmentally sound results.

In applying integrated weed management principles, Bettersafe professionals consider factors such as the nature of the weed problem, the biology of the weeds and, site-specific factors including the environment, adjacent vegetation, land uses and topography.

AWT can help to achieve economic and effective broad-scale weed control by judiciously combining techniques including herbicides use, mechanical weed control (including aquatic weed harvesting), manual methods, cultural techniques (eg. mulching and shading), biological control and habitat manipulation.

Land and water management authorities prefer integrated weed management to simplistic and superficial methods. This is because the integrated approach achieves effective, long-term control.

Integrated weed management can effectively control weeds in a variety of situations including channels, streams and rivers, natural and constructed wetlands and, lakes, ornamental ponds and water storages. Our expertise can also help with stormwater management systems, parklands and nature reserves, irrigation areas and remediation sites.

Better and Safer - The Bettersafe Approach

Weed Management is a specialised service whether it is treating noxious or environmental weeds with total (non-selective) or selective herbicides.Weed Management

We target problem weeds and minimise spray drift on to desired vegetation, because we understand chemicals and choose the most desirable herbicide that achieves the best result with the minimum risk to the environment and the applicator.

We also consider the mode of action of herbicides, so that we can select the best herbicides for a given task, protecting the biological diversity of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Uncontrolled weeds have the potential to:
  • Drastically reduce biological diversity.
  • Affect ecological health of plant communities.
  • Affect environmental values of different areas.
  • Affect scenic amenity of rivers, parks and reserves

Weeds also cause economical loss to agriculture and reduce the of land whether it be Government- or Privately-owned land.


Aquatic Weed Management